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A Conversation With ISSO San Francisco.

On our last full day in San Francisco we found ourselves walking aimlessly through the Mission District. We had no destination in mind until we came across this beautiful mural. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. A lovely lady named Marie came out in an awesome leopard coat and greeted us in. Marie is ISSO SF owner and designer. We chatted with her as we perused her one-of-a-kind boutique where all items are either made, found, or designed in the Bay Area. Enjoy our impromptu conversation with Marie!  

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Boutique Spotlight

Marie Biscarra, the super sweet owner greets us with a smile while Stevie Wonder and Sade play in the background. “Even the music is mixed by local DJs,” she tells us. Marie and the co-owner prefer to keep the money they spend and make purely local by supporting their friends and SF artists instead of faceless factories. This proves that San Francisco has some great local talent because this store rocks.

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Dress Code: Hidden Gems-Isso

After lunch with a friend one afternoon I decided to read my Elle magazine in Dolores Park for 15 minutes before heading back to the Mission Loc@l office.  I took 19th Street and nearing Guerrero I spotted a rack of clothes outside a small store.  Rack of clothes–need I say more.  My editor asked me recently, “When do you find time to shop?”  My response: anytime, but especially times when I see a  rack of clothes outside with a sign that says $20. STOP!  There might be a white silk dress that fits perfectly.

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